You got questions, we have answers! Below are the most frequently asked questions.

1) When and how much money a Tipster gets?

To have a substantial income a Tipster must be included in the group of Pro. During the period which the Tipster is at the level of Rookie receives a typical monthly gift for his services agreed on the basis of his performance. Tipsters included in the group of Pro have a good monthly income that increases depending on their performance.

2) When and how much money a Tipster gets? is a highly trustworthy website that uses all the modern methods of promoting your proposals to the client with automatic update by email and Sms.

Very important is that our system is designed in such a way that ensures the absolute validity of proposals and prices so customers trust our service.

Finally we offer in each Tipster beyond a good income and access to our information systems making his work easier.

3) How many sports can give proposals?

Each Tipster gives proposals for a particular sport. We believe the expertise helps to improve the quality of service of each Tipster.

4) Do you accept stats from previous works of a Tipster?

Statistics are accepted ONLY if are confirmed by websites that we consider reliable.

5) Each Tipster has a responsibility to promote the website?

No, the ultimate responsibility for the promotion of the website rely on us. Simply you could tell your Facebook friends about our service.

6) What is the procedure to participate in the trial period?

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of participation and if you believe that you can achieve the targets we will be glad to approve your participation.

7) Does it cost anything to participate in the Trial Period?

No, the participation if approved is Free.

8) Conditions for participation in the group of Tipsters.?

a) Age greater than 25 years old,

b) Experience greater than 3 years,

c) Good knowledge of the subject,

d) Basic knowledge of money management,

e) Expertise on specific sport,

f) Respect to the following basic rules:

• Maximum number of suggestions per month 30.

• Odds vary within a range of 1.70 - 2.20.

• The management of money is in the right direction.

• Active participation and not seasonal.

• Good knowledge of statistics and data on the event we proposed.

• Where and when analysis of the proposals is given, to have good documentation of the proposal and with good use of the English language. have the absolute right at any time declare that a Tipster does not work under the terms and conditions for participation to discontinue cooperation without being obliged to give any explanations thereof.