General is a website that examines tipsters from around the world in various sports and those with the best performance are upgraded and take a leading role in the first place Rookie Tipster list and then move on to the position of Pro Tipster.

The process to receive the title of Pro Tipster is quite lengthy and hard, but that is due to the fact that we need to ensure our customers a high quality service. Our service offers a complete analysis for all involved Tipsters and free screening of proposals submitted by the tipsters on trial to enable you to know them. Please also note that the Pro Tipster is designed in such a way that ensures full reliability of the proposals and the prices.

Our Philosophy

At we believe that a good Tipster is the one who can maintain a good percentage of profits exceeding 15% on a large sample of proposals and in time. Our long experience has taught us that many can achieve rates of 30 and 40% profit in 1-2 months, but over time it cannot be maintained if they have no real value and knowledge.

On this basis and philosophy Pro Tipsters was designed, and that's why we have three levels of Tipsters. Sub test (Tipsters in Trial) which takes at least two months, the Rookie Tipsters MINIMUM lasting two months and Pro Tipsters who have proven from their results that they have the knowledge and quality to join our team .

Analysis of three levels Tipsters

A) Tipsters In Trial

Concerns Tipsters who meet the specifications we set on years of experience and knowledge of the object. They get put into a trial period to prove with their results that they can join the group of the Rookies and in continuation move on to Pros if they can maintain a profitable course.

During the Trial Period all of their suggestions are offered free of charge to our customers to give them the chance to know them and judge the capabilities of each tipster.

B) Rookie Tipsters

After at least two months and if their results are positive, Tipsters become a part of the group of Rookies where they will remain for a minimum of two months so as to show whether they can maintain their good results over time and prove that have the skills to join the team of Pro Tipsters.

The proposals of Rookies are available at low prices because we believe that despite the fact that they have indications of a very good Tipster the time period is not such that statistically ensures a profit for our customers who follow their suggestions.

C) Pro Tipsters

The group of Pro Tipsters concerns people who have successfully passed the three main levels of criteria we set and their performance and knowledge ensures a high level of service standards, which is the basic and primary goal of this website.