Credits System has designed a flexible payment system to give customers the opportunity to take advantage of the best of credits by purchasing proposals from all Tipsters or by following the certain ones that they will choose.

It has a well-designed system of automatic email and sms updates on the submission of new Tips by the Tipsters that our clients are following.

Buy our Tips in two easy Steps

Step 1

Buy Credits ( Click here to proceed to the payment site) for your account at the prices you can see in the table below. In the table you can see at the same time the cost of a tip from a Rookie Tipster or from a Pro Tipster.


Price Credits Cost Per Rookie Tip Cost Per Pro Tip
€ 10 25 € 2.00 (5 Credits) € 8.00 (20 Credits)
€ 30 75 + 25 Bonus € 1.50 (5 Credits) € 6.00 (20 Credits)
€ 50 125 + 75 Bonus € 1.25 (5 Credits) € 5.00 (20 Credits)
€ 100 250 + 250 Bonus € 1.00 (5 Credits) € 4.00 (20 Credits)

Step 2

1st Way - Direct unlock a Tip from the home or the Tipster page.

At the home page, on the first table, you can find all the active tips from our Rookie and Pro Tipsters.

Unlock Tip

You just have to click onto the lock and confirm you want to unlock the tip. At that time the tip gets revealed and the credits cost of the tip is removed from your credit balance.

Cost for Rookie Tips is 5 Credits

Cost for Pro Tips is 20 Credits

2nd Way - Follow tipsters.

You just have to press the plus at the right of the table and add the tipster into your tipsters list.

Add to my Tipsters

By adding a Pro and or Rookie tipster into your Tipsters list then you get informed by email and or sms on the submission of a new tip from your tipsters and the credits cost of the tip is removed from your credit balance.

You can remove a tipster from your tipsters list at any time just by pressing the minus button and automatically you no longer get charged nor get alerted for the new tips from the specific tipster.