General is a website that gives the opportunity to talented tipsters to present their proposals and prove their skills under the strict evaluation programs giving them the opportunity to sell their proposals via the means of our website.

Three stages of Tipsters

• Tipsters in trial (Tipsters are Open after submission of 50 Tips and if yield more than 6% so as our clients be able to meet the Tipster).

• Rookie (Proposals are sold for 5 Credits. Tipsters in this stage have already passed the trial period and have proven their skills but still need largest sample of tips).

• Pro (Proposals are sold for 20 points. After a valuation period and already succeeded the previous two stages a Tipster can become a part of the Pro Tipsters).

Between and the Tipster a specific agreement is made based on the profits from the sales of Tips and depending on their performance.

We want to clarify that the is no place for experiments and competitions for newbies to bet, but is aimed to identify the top Tipsters of the world and conclude a long-term contract. Note that throughout this Cooperation, has the right to discontinue cooperation if it detects that the Tipster does not work within the rules laid down and is instead working against them.

General conditions apply in the trial period

• Age greater than 25 years old.

• At least 3 years of experience in betting.

• Good knowledge of all the basic concepts and principles of betting.

• We are interested in Tipsters with performance greater than 15% within 6 months or older. (If data is confirmed by other odds parietal websites, this will help your integration into the trial period).

Advice for betting philosophy that concerns us and which is consistent with yours, allows the chances of cooperation to increase significantly.

• Range of Proposals Odds 1.80 - 2.20.

• No of Proposals per month 20 - 30.

• Preferably specialization in a few tournaments.

• Knowledge concerning management issues.

• The Asian betting is a very good choice.

Trial period

• Trial Period

A minimum period of two months and if a Tipster has not been approved for inclusion in the Rookie list, they have the right to request an extension of time. The will take into consideration their performance so far and determine whether it approves the continuation period.

• Rookie.

A minimum period that a Tipster remains at this level is two months and in that time has the opportunity to prove whether they are entitled to Pro Tipsters. Based on their performance, it will be decided about the possibility of further cooperation and under what status.

• Pro

When a Tipster joins the group of Pro and then ​an agreement is made on salary and time of Contract.