The tournament favorites with prices to win the tournament close to 1.90. In the first game faced Belize perhaps the weakest team of the league which he won easily 6-1 (halftime score 3-1) with Wondolowski achieves hat-trick at halftime. Given the large difference between the two teams we would say that this game was a good workout for next games.


Cuba is of the weaker teams in the league and will certainly have tough task in this game. In the first game with rival Costa Rica stood quite well in the first half which ended goalless. On the second half Costa Rica opened the score early on and won with a comfortable 3-0.


Considering the large difference between the two teams which can be shown also on bookmakers odds 1.10 - 8.00 - 18.00 for 1 x 2, respectively. We propose a correct score 3-0, 4-0 which prices are around 6 and 7 or Asian betting USA -2.5 with values close to 2.00.

Category: Betting Videos

Written by: Chris

Date: Jul 11, 2013