El Salvador

El Salvador in the first match brought a 2-2 draw with Trinite et Tobago and in the second game lost to Honduras by 1-0 in the last minute. Up to now, the presence of the team is considered positive if we consider that it is of the weaker teams in the league. In the match against Haiti needs the victory to get to the next round and given that the opponent is a modest team, anything can happen in a balanced game as shown by the odds โ€‹โ€‹of Brookmakers giving marginally closer to victory El Salvador with average prices at 2.50 a draw at 3.15 and Haiti at 2.75.


The Haiti despite the 2-0 defeat by Honduras kept their strength and managed to win by 2-0 the Trinite et Tobago keeping their chances of qualifying which will ensure to get even with a draw against the El Salvador. The victory increased their confidence and faith that will eventually manage to qualify to the next round.


Quite difficult match since both teams are modest and both have potential to qualify to the next stage so it is hard to predict how the players will react under this pressure. We expect a preservative game from both teams, and that leads us to our first option which is a draw at half time (2.05 at bet365). As a final result would suggest victory of El Salvador in Asian betting Handicap 0 (average values โ€‹โ€‹1.85) which means that if the result is draw we get back the stake. Our choice is made based on the fact that Haiti is accommodated with a draw and in the event of a tie will not risk for victory.

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Written by: Chris

Date: Jul 15, 2013