Win Market

We agree with the fact that the twin of Real Madrid and Barcelona is definitely one level above the other teams and any other team can hardly break this, that is why we see this big gap in prices. About Sociedad which made an excellent presentation on the championship we have to say that it is not certain that could keep up this year after losing an important player in midfield his young star Illaramendi who moved to Real Madrid and is generally not included in teams traditionally protagonist.


As written above, the championship is a matter of both Real Madrid and Barcelona and the team we should notice is Atletico Madrid despite the fact that they lost the big scorer Falkao who moved to Monaco made ​​good signings and can be a great team after the addition of David Villa from FC Barcelona in the attack who can cover the gap of Falkao while good additions are those of Brazilian Leo Baptistao who came from Vallecano and Roberto Jimenez from the Real Zaragoza.

Betting on the Win Market

Our choice for winner of the year will not be Barcelona but Real Madrid. Adding Neymar in Barcelona certainly caused excitement and is a signing definitely increasing the offensive capability of the team but short term this can create problems in adjusting since the team will likely be forced to change, to some extent, their style.
On the other hand, Real Madrid is a very strong team and tied ready. Having Ancelotti on the wheel after leading Pari STG to the title may have a stable course and can win the title.
To note here that the battle for the big signing of Bailey continues and if it comes our choice will certainly have greater chances and prices expected to get a more balanced form.

Top Four

Our proposal for Top four is Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and a team with consistently good progress Valencia.

Top Goal Scorer

The prices are reasonable since this year all expect the battle between Messi and Ronaldo, taking into consideration last years' goals Messi is the clear favorite. Neymar is a great talent but with no experience in leagues like the Spanish that is the reason for quite high odds.

Betting the Favourite

Generally we avoid to bet on favorites for top scorer in the longer term bet as the potential for an injury is dramatically changing facts. So if we suggest something that relates to a small bet on Neymar hoping to quickly adapt and take advantage of lots of opportunities that will have at Barcelona for scoring.

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Written by: Chris

Date: Aug 01, 2013