Presentation and evaluation of BMARENA It is an innovative product like a Tipsters competition in football betting. Every day there are many tournaments in which players compete against each other and the one or those (depending on the tournament type) with the best results wins the Prizes in the tank. It's quite simple to get how it's played and maybe this is one of the reasons it gains new friends every day, who claim to be excited about this new product, where they face other players, rather than a bookmaker and therefore the chances of winning are much greater! Here is a simple example of a contest for you to understand how BMArena works. Type of Tournament : Head to Head ( H2H ) , Two players Entrance fee : 20 Credits, Games of Tournament: Matches of the day, Winner Prize : 1st win 40 Credits • Player can convert credits to Euros with rate 1 credit : 1 Euro any time Each player receives 1000 play chips when entering the tournament. With those, everyone can place their bets throughout the day (all in single games) and at the end of the day the player with the best overall result wins the € 40. There are many different tournaments depending on - Entrance fee - Number of entries - Contest duration - Games on which they compete For example, there is a contest with - Entrance fee: € 10 - Unlimited Number of entries - Two days duration - Champions League Matches Total winnings will be based on how many contestants will participate a tournament. If there are for example 100 entries, then 100 X 10 Euro = 1000 Euro. These will be shared by the winners with a distribution that will be posted on the tournament info ( Prizes ) Also, there are tournaments sponsored by companies and to which entry is free of charge. While there are also tournaments with sponsored on winnings Prizes .That means, the winners will also share an extra sponsor's amount other than the total amount from the tickets. Negatives we've spotted. - -A small number of payment methods is supported, in particular they can be made by skrill and Neteller - The player needs a little adjustment time and reading f the game terms. This is mostly because it is a new product. - Tournaments cover only football matches Positives we've spotted. - Your opponents are other players and not the Bookmaker and therefore the chances of winning considerably larger. - There is a large number of tournaments, daily,weekly and monthly - The page is user-friendly and after participating in 1-2 tournaments the player fully understands the game. - It is absolutely reliable since each player can see his opponent's bets a few minutes after the start of a match. - It has fast payouts and a very good level of customer service. - Bmarena has a wide range of offers and sponsored tournaments nearly every week with free entry and cash earning possibilities.

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Written by: BTFNEWS

Date: Feb 14, 2019